Marshrutka travel in Armenia. Is this transport safe and comfortable?

A traveler's guide to a bizarre mode of transport.

5 resons why You should use Public Transport

There are economic and social benefits.

Plan B. A successful city that makes little changes to turn mess into lovely spaces.

Making nice public spaces doesn't cost that much as we think.

Can't go out? Study, work and enjoy art from safety of your couch

Staying at home during the coronavirus shutdown won't be boring.

Public Transport in Yerevan

Getting around Yerevan is piece of a cake, old vehicles, chaos at bus stops, but also friendly people. Most tourist attractions are located near the city centre in a walking distance or up to 30 minutes by bus.

Why is this the worst bus stop in Yerevan?

People of all ages, from kids to elderly, must compromise on their safety while waiting for bus. The square named after charismatic national hero Garegin Nzhdeh is now a place where we feel shame.

What eating sweets teaches us about traffic policy

Imagine eating sweet gummy worms every single day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also as a snack. No vitamins, no vegetables, no meet, no other foods for the rest of your life. Awful, right? Traffic policy in our cities is similarly bad.

5 reasons why to do North Armenian Loop this holiday

Holidays are too short to do everything what we want. Would you like to visit Scotland, Switzerland, Iran and Norway in a single day trip? We know there is a place where you can get all in one. Welcome to Northern Armenia!

Every third commuter would pay more for better public transport, survey shows

Large buses meeting international standards like those plying main streets of Tbilisi would be a good reason for paying higher fares for every third commuter in Yerevan.

How much Yerevan public transport costs?

Yerevan uses cache fare payment system.

How to stay safe while riding public transport

Your public transport journey can be enjoyable, safer and more secure if you and all the passengers respect each other and follow basic rules of safety and good social behaviour.

Smoking in public transport and stations in Armenia

Smoking is a serious problem of Armenian society. It is widely accepted and even despite legal ban of smoking in public transport most of the bus drivers smoke while driving.

How to live as a digital nomad in Yerevan?

Living in Yerevan as a digital nomad is as easy as anywhere else. Armenian's tech scene has been rising fast in recent years, now there are IT communities, co-working offices and start-ups.

How to save money on TAXI ride in Yerevan

Be aware of illegal taxi services and don't get ripped off. Taxi ride in Armenia can be a good experience but you better to get ready for certain situations.

5 things which make Armenian public transport an unique experience

Riding those little buses is like a time travel.

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