I found your information inaccurate. Marshrutka did not depart at the time you showed me.

If you travel between Armenian towns and villages you might found departure times inaccurate. We are aware of this issue. Our data come from a transport authority. Marshrutka routes are regulated by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure and operated by private individuals or small companies. Their income depends on the number of passengers they carry. These little entities do not have either good management nor financial support from the government. Therefore it is a common practice they do not follow regulations and wait until passengers fill up the vehicle.

How can I find a journey?

Visit our Journey planner, select places you want to travel from and to and click on search button. You will get results in a moment. 

How do I find a bus stop?

Click on a search result to get more details. A pop-up panel with a map, locations of the stops, carrier names and transfer waiting times will display. Use X button in upper-right corner to close the panel and return back to the search results.

Are the locations of stops exact?

In a search result map you will see the stop and a line showing you the route and the direction. Also, there are two stop icons showing you the exact place of the stop in your direction and the stop in opposite direction. 

How can I search for connections between cities?

Type name of a city you are leaving into the search box and select the city from suggestions displayed below the search box. Do the same for choosing a city you are going to. Choose departure day and time.

Can I search for connections between stops?

Yes, you can select a particular bus or train stop. Type name of a place into the search box. It can be the name of a street, your favorite cafe or a shopping mall. You will be shown a map with stops around. Select a stop you want to leave from or go to.

I get no results. What can I do?

If the planner says there is no connection between the places, don't panic. Make sure that 'Direct connections only' is not checked. Try another combination of places. The best way is to use city to city search as we desribed above.

How can I buy a ticket?

  • Yerevan urban transport - Give exact amount of money to the driver just before you get off the bus or trolleybus. Use front door for getting off.
  • Intercity buses - Buy a ticket from a driver or a day before departure from a carrier or a travel agency office located at the bus terminal.
  • Trains - You can buy a ticket at a railway station before departure. For international trains we recommend buy a ticket few days in advance.
  • Gondola - Gondola lift tickets are sold at the lift stations. You don't have to buy a ticket in advance.

I am not happy with provided service. Can I send you my complaints?

Transport for Armenia is an independent information service. We love public transport and we promote it as the best mode of transport. But we do not run any public transport service and we don't work on behalf of transport agencies. Send your complaints to the responsible agency, please. You will find contact details in journey result description.

How are the intercity buses equipped? Are there toilets, drinks, snacks?

There is no single standard, it depends on type of bus you choose and operating company. Most of buses are not equipped with toilets, therefore there are scheduled breaks on each journey. Usually there aren't plug sockets, internet connection, nor service on board.

Do minibuses have fixed departure times?

Most of suburban services have fixed schedule time. Unfortunately we can't always guarantee that. Drivers usually wait until passengers fill up the vehicle.

Do you show all public transport services?

We use national public transport data published by Armenian government and information provided by other trustable private agencies. If there is a missing information it is most likely due to one of these reasons.

  • We don't cover the route yet. You can use our journey planner to seach for connections between major cities in Armenia, Yerevan public transport and international services to Georgia, Russia and Iran.
  • There is no record about the service in official govt documents. It might happen that the service is a shared TAXI or it's illegal. We don't recommend to use not licensed services.
  • The service has no fixed schedule times. Taking a ride is only possible when sufficient number of passengers make reservation in advance.
  • Agency did not provide us with information we requested. Some companies have poor customer service and up to date we have not received any response from them.

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