At the airport

Standard price for a taxi ride between Zvartnots airport and Yerevan city centre is around 6 euros (3000 AMD).

There is Yandex Taxi kiosk in the arrivals hall. You can book a taxi before leaving the airport building. Yandex Taxi is an official partner of Zvartnots international airport.

You can travel even cheaper with Airport shuttle bus. It runs frequently and fare is incredibly low, just 55 euro cents (300 AMD). See Yerevan Airport Shuttle Bus.

Individual taxi drivers offer rides outside of the arrivals hall. They don't have fixed fares, passengers accept higher price or haggle. If you don't feel comfortable when haggling, remember you can always use official services or shuttle bus instead.

Avoid illegal taxi

There are taxis parking in front of bus stations and drivers offer rides to travellers. If you do not have a serious reason, don't use their service. Most likely they are doing illegal business and causing troubles to the official public transport agencies. Enter the bus station where officially approved services run from.

Some taxi are parking at designated bus stops. These drivers are well organised, they frequently swap with colleagues in order to avoid fines for breaking traffic rules and troubeling public transport passengers.


Taking taxi in Yerevan

If you need a taxi ride in Yerevan use these great apps GG Taxi or Yandex Taxi. You can also use taxi parking on the marked taxi stands. Young people in Yerevan speak English quite well. So if you need a help with communication with a taxi driver just ask some passer-by.

Taking taxi in rural Armenia

Taxi drivers outside Yerevan do fair business. If you can't use ride hailing app or there is no public transport, don't hesitate to ask locals. They don't speak English, but they are patient in finding a way to understand you.

Standard taxi fares

Before you visit Yerevan it is good to become familiar with local taxi fares. Here is a list of standard taxi fares on selected routes. Updated in September 2019.

  • Zvartnots International Airport - Yerevan City Centre
    Journey time: 20 min
    Appox. price: 2.000 AMD (4 EUR)
  • Central Railway Station - Yerevan City Centre
    Journey time: 10 min
    Appox. price: 1.000 AMD (2 EUR)
  • Kilikia Bus Station - Yerevan City Centre
    Journey time: 10 min
    Appox. price: 1.000 AMD (2 EUR)
  • Sevan Monastery - Yerevan City Centre 
    Journey time: 70 min
    Appox. price: 7.000 AMD (14 EUR)
  • Etchmiadzin - Yerevan City Centre
    Journey time: 40 min
    Appox. price: 2.500 AMD (5 EUR)
  • Abovyan - Yerevan City Centre
    Journey time: 35 min
    Appox. price: 2.000 AMD (4 EUR)

Author: Patrik