It's cheap

A bus, train and metro is far more cheaper than driving your own car. While single metro ticket costs you 100 drams, a car ride includes hidden costs, such as car maintanance, taxes and parking fees.


Well, although many mashrutkas and buses are obsolete and not that comfy, there are still things you only can do while you ride them. You can watch videos, read news, chat with your friends, sleep or even work (I've written this article on a train).

Be free

Owning a car consumes your money and time. The cost of a car ride is not just a petrol or gas price, it also includes car purchase, maintanance and taxes. If you take public transport someone else does all the things for you. The maintanence cost it's just a fraction of a ticket price.

Enjoy safety

Because buses and trains are operated by professionals who follow certain standards they are pretty safe.

Go green

In general public transport is a lot more friendly to your city and people than private cars. Buses and trains produce less air pollution, less noise, don't turn our streets into large car parks, and definitely don't cause traffic jams.

Are you ready?

Well, maybe you feel that not everything I mentioned above applies in Armenia.

Experience of the western counties shows that high quality public transport brings significant economic and social benefits.

More people ride public transport, more important it becomes to local authorities.

Recent events show that our politicians start to realise importance of public transport for development of Armenia. Brand new trains and buses is a first step forward.