Yerevan's worst bus stop is located on the corner of Manandian Street and Nzhdeh Square. Many urban and suburban buses stop here and thus this stop is always cramped up. Chaos and noise is the part of an everyday reality here. People are waiting for a bus on the road. Cars and minibuses are making short stops between them.

There is a small shelter standing in the gap between the metro station entrance and the road. Bus stop shelter can be only accessed from the road, so if you want to catch your bus you have to jump between the cars and walk along the curb some 20 meters to the stop. It's perfectly designed for elderly people, families with little kids and disabled people… um, a silly joke. Unfortunately passengers' adventure doesn't finish yet. It seems that wide platform and bus lane would be a luxurious thing here. So you need to become very patient and pay attention to the traffic as well as to the approaching buses. Don't miss your bus when it is queueing and you can't see the bus number displayed on the front window yet hidden behind a bus before.

Bus Stop OK

Why is this the worst bus stop in Yerevan? Let's do a quick research. It's not a surprise to say that this is a result of disorder. Garegin Nzhdeh Square is a roundabout and traffic goes around the monument in the centre of the square. In satellite pictures we see that a bus stop on the opposite side of the square is located in front of another metro station entrance. There is a short bus lane and a platform.

Bus Stop X

The worst bus stop has been moved away from its original position in front of the metro station entrance in order to make room for cars. It seems that local authorities prefer comfort of car users to safety of commuters. It's sad to see how idling or making bad decisions pushing down the quality of public transport services and, even worst, how  human beings are losing their dignity on their way back home.

How many such places do you know?

Author: Patrik