Armenia is a rural country yet it is an IT haven.

The country's tech scene has been rising fast in recent years, now there is number of IT communities, co-working offices and start-ups. Yerevan has friendly environment for those who work remotely.

Yerevan city centre has a circular layout and it's easily walkable. Hostels and hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, offices, museums, gyms are located within 20 minutes walk from every place.

Cost of Living

Prices for accommodation starting at 9 EUR per night in decent hostels. A guest house private room prices starting at 14 EUR per night. Renting 2 rooms apartment not  far from the city centre costs around 250 EUR. A good lunch in a self-service restaurant costs about 3 EUR, brewed coffee prices starting at 1 EUR. You can buy local and international products in all big supermarkets.

Mobile Data

There are three mobile operators in Armenia, Viva Cell MTS, U-Com and Beeline, all of them offer mobile data packages for good prices. Their staff working in city centre's outlets speak English.

Eat and Drink

Self-service restaurants are very popular in Yerevan. You don't have to wait for staff to be served, pricing is transparent and they are open until late at night.

There are also many cafeterias, you can get Armenian coffee, Italian coffee or western-style brewed coffee. Traditional Armenian honey cake "Medovik" or pancakes are great complementary snacks.

Co-working Offices

All co-working places in Yerevan offer good international standard, common areas, meeting rooms, silent rooms, kitchens, fast internet connection, printing services, free hot drinks and some of them even a gaming room. Offices are non-smoking.

Getting Around

You can get to every part of the city by metro, buses or trolleybuses from 7am to 11pm. Use our app to plan you journey by public transport. For moving at night you need to take a taxi, see How to save money on TAXI in Yerevan.