Armenia as other post-soviet countries has very strong smoking culture. Smoking even in presence of minors is nothing unusual. Despite the fact that smoking is not allowed in public transport many buses drivers do not respect the law and passengers usually don't complain. The new government elected in december 2018 promises change but change of people's mind and behaviour will be without doubt in the long run.

Awareness of smoking-associated health risks is still low. Every year, more than 5100 Armenians are killed by tobacco-caused diseases, it also includes non-smokers and children being exposed to second-hand smoke. Because the tolerance towards smokers is in high level, even those who consider themselves as non-smokers take health risks by accepting smoking around them.

Also in most of the cafes, bars and restaurants is allowed to smoke. Some places have designated space for non-smokers, but usually it's useless, because there are no protecting walls between. If you want to stay safe, visit this map of smoking-free cafes, bars and restaurants.

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