Armenia is just in the beginning of upgrading its public transport. We know that public opinion plays a key role in improving public services. While national and local authorities plan development projects, there should also be public understanding and support of such steps.

Expanding car growth is making our lives in the cities more difficult all around the world. Prioritizing cars in the cities is an outdated idea belonging to the 20th century. The purpose of cities is to bring people together. To build the cities of the future, cities for people, we must get out of our cars, says National Geographic.  Now all modern cities are promoting walking, cycling and public transport

Enrique Peñalosa, mayor of Bogota, Colombia, says: “A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich ride public transport”. We do believe it's true. Public transport has a strong impact on our lives, it improves living standards of all residents, makes the environment healthier and people more happy. It is far more than just taking a bus from point A to point B.

Good public transport needs to have friendly customer service, dense line network, reliable schedule times and easy access to information, such as departure times, travel time and fares. We are an information provider. Our aim is to increase mobility in Armenia by giving access to the information, motivate private operators and the government to make necessary improvements in the quality and structure of public transport services.

This is the first Armenian bus and train journey planner. 

We are bringing you a handy web application. Our journey planner for Yerevan and national services displays schedule times, transfer stations, travel times and geo locations of stops and stations. Try the journey planner now!

We are an independent organisation, people just like you.

We do not work for the Armenian government. We are an international team from Armenia and Slovakia. We are marketers, IT developers, experts in tourism, facilitators in urban planning and public transport and we love to share our knowledge.

Patrik Lučan, CEO

You can contact us via our fb page Transport for Armenia or e-mail us: info [at] t-armenia [dot] com