Use public transport when visiting tourist attractions.

Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Museum

The most disastrous part of Armenian history is killing 1.5 millions of civilians by Ottoman army in 1915. Exhibition shows personal stories as well as great historical events which have social and political impact on present Armenia.
Take buses 26, 27, 33 or 63 from Pak Shuka (also called Blue Mosque), bus stop is located in front of a shopping centre.


Matendaran is a large museum dedicated to Armenian literature and manuscripts. It contains thousands of documents, religious and theological works, astronomy, cosmology, philosophy, writings of classical and medieval historians.
Matenadaran is about 10 minutes walk from France Square (Opera House) and the same distance from Yeritasardakan metro station.


This is the main military cemetery in Armenia, where soldiers who died during the Artsakh War and during border skirmishes are buried.
From stops France Square and Pak Shuka take bus no. 47. You can also take bus no. 53 which stops at Yeritasardakan metro station, Vardan Mamikonyan (Vernisage) and Spartak Stadium (Zoravar Andranik metro station nearby).

Karmir Blur

Karmir Blur was one of the capitals of a province of Ancient Armenia. You can visit this hill where ruins of fortress are standing.
First you need to get to Garegin Nzhdeh Square, metro is the most convenient option. Bus no. 4 takes you from Garegin Nzhdeh Square to Karmir Blur where it terminates.

Erebuni Museum

This is a museum and a fortress built in 8th century BCE on the top of Arin Berd hill. The museum holds a collection of artifacts that tell us about the life of the citadel. The fortress is also open to visitors.
From France Square take bus no. 1, 18, 37 or 58. You can also take trolleybus no. 2 from Zoravar Andranik.

Victory Monument

This is a popular tourist attraction with giant Mother Armenia statue. Enjoy view over the city from this hill just above the city centre.
You can walk to Victory Monument from Cascade or take a bus. Buses no. 10, 29 and 46 leaving from Yeritasardakan, buses no. 23 and 24 leaving from France Square.


The Vatican of Armenian Church, this large compound with the oldest cathedral in the world built in 3rd century AD, two museums, gardens and headquarters of Armenian Apostolic Church. This is a must-visit place when you are visiting Armenia. Etchmiadzin is just 30 minutes bus ride from Yerevan.
Take bus no. 203 from Kilikia bus station.