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Leaving fromYerevan
Going toVagharshapat, Etchmiadzin
DepartureToday, 15:30
OptionsDirect connections only

Timetable from Yerevan to Vagharshapat

Public transport connection between Yerevan and Vagharshapat, Etchmiadzin. Check out the departure times in the current Bus, Metro, Minibus, Train, Trolleybus timetable. Departure times from station Yerevan are in the local time. Thank you for riding public transport.

How do I get from Yerevan to Vagharshapat?

The best way to get from Yerevan to Vagharshapat without a car is by bus which takes approximately 35min.

Is there a direct bus between Yerevan and Vagharshapat?

Yes, there are direct services departing from Yerevan, Central Bus Station (Kilikia) and arriving in Vagharshapat. The journey takes approximately 35min.

Can I travel internationally to Vagharshapat?

Some border closures are in place due to COVID-19 pandemic. Most travel to Armenia is restricted. For more information visit the Official COVID-19 Site for Armenia.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

According to most scholars Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin is the oldest christian's cathedral in the world, built in the early 4th century, recorded in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cathedral is part of Armenian Church's headquarters complex, surrounded by a garden, smaller churches, a gallery and Alex and Marie Manoogian Treasury House Museum. The Kingdom of Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion.

Etchmiadzin or Vagharshapat

Both names belong to the same city. The current official name of the city is Vagharshapat. Etchmiadzin was its official name between 1945 and 1995 yet it is still commonly used.

Yerevan to Etchmiadzin by public transport

Bus no. 203 runs frequently between Central Bus Station (Kilikia) in Yerevan and Etchmiadzin. The journey takes about half an hour and costs 250 AMD (50 euro cents). Between 10am and 5pm some buses go to the city centre of Yerevan calling at Pak Shuka and France Square. Entrance to the compound of Etchmiadzin Cathedral is located just few meters from the last stop in Etchmiadzin. Pay to a driver before you leave the bus. Please, have small change ready in order to make cash handling easier.

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