Khor Virap

The Khor Virap is an Armenian monastery and pilgrimage site with stunning view over mountain Ararat (according to a biblical story Noah saved people and animals by taking them on his boat during the worldwide flood and when the flood was over Noah landed on Ararat mountain). There is a church, monk's cellars, an underground chamber and a souvenir shop in the monastery, all open to visitors every day.

How to get to Khor Virap

There are few daily bus services between Yerevan and Khor Virap leaving from Yerevan Southern Bus Station located near Sasuntsi David metro station. Please remember that buses don't go to Khor Virap directly, you need to get to a road junction bus stop between villages Pokr Vedi and Lusarat and walk 15 minutes to the monastery. On your way back go to the road junction bus stop again. One way bus ticket costs 250 AMD. Pay to a driver before you leave the bus. Please, have small change ready in order to make cash handling easier.