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Timetable from Yerevan to Jermuk

Public transport connection between Yerevan and Jermuk. Check out the departure times in the current Bus, Metro, Minibus, Train, Trolleybus timetable. Departure times from station Yerevan are in the local time. Thank you for riding public transport.

How do I get from Yerevan to Jermuk?

The best way to get from Yerevan to Jermuk without a car is by bus or minibus which takes approximately 4h 10min.

Is there a direct bus or minibus between Yerevan and Jermuk?

Yes, there are direct services departing from Yerevan, Central Bus Station (Kilikia) and arriving in Jermuk. The journey takes approximately 4h 10min.

Can I travel internationally to Jermuk?

Some border closures are in place due to COVID-19 pandemic. Most travel to Armenia is restricted. For more information visit the Official COVID-19 Site for Armenia.

What to Do in Jermuk

In 1939, an incredible discovery of a wonderful source of water with a temperature +61 °C and a volume of 300 000 l of mineral water was found in Jermuk. This was the perfect opportunity to create a spa resort and town there. The word “Jermuk” originates from Western Armenian and means “Warm mineral spring.” It’s located 173 km southeast of Yerevan. The most picturesque element of this resort is the waterfall, which people call “Mermaid’s hair.” Tourists from all over the world come here to get treatment and improve their health. The waters of Jermuk are very similar to the waters of Zheleznovodsk and Karlovy Vary in terms of chemical structure.

The course of treatment includes internal and external use of the water, appropriate nutrition, exercise, walking, physiotherapy, drug treatment, and a special resort regime. In Jermuk, people get treatment for their digestive tract, liver, pancreas, and nervous system, as well as gynecological issues, metabolic issues, and more. There are various hotels, spa, bars, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, and cafes that offer tourists a top-quality service. But you will have the best experience here simply by walking around, breathing fresh air, and enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

Yerevan to Jermuk by minibus

There are several minibus services departing from Yerevan every day. It takes 4 hours to get to Jermuk from the Yerevan Kilikia Bus Station. The vehicles are GAZelle vans, all of which have only 16 seats with less legroom. This is not very comfortable, but the price is absolutely acceptable. You will also benefit from a longer trip watching stunning nature out the window and enjoying communication with locals.

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