Timetable from Yerevan to Dilijan
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Leaving fromYerevan
Going toDilijan
DepartureTomorrow, 00:15
OptionsDirect connections only

Timetable from Yerevan to Dilijan


Town of Dilijan is a favourite starting point for hiking and mountain biking. Dilijan National Park is rich for forests, wildlife and mineral water springs. Thanks to the cooler weather Dilijan is also a great place to escape the heat of lower Armenia.

Yerevan to Dilijan by bus

There is a good public transport connection between Yerevan and Dilijan. You can take one of the daily minibus services from Yerevan Northern Bus Station. Location of Dilijan Bus Station is next to a roundabout M4/M8 and in a walking distance to the town centre. Bus journey takes a bit more than an hour and a single ticket costs 900 AMD. Please, have small change ready in order to make cash handling easier.

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