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Timetable from Yerevan to Dilijan

Public transport connection between Yerevan and Dilijan. Check out the departure times in the current Bus, Metro, Minibus, Train, Trolleybus timetable. Departure times from station Yerevan are in the local time. Thank you for riding public transport.

How do I get from Yerevan to Dilijan?

The best way to get from Yerevan to Dilijan without a car is by bus or minibus which takes approximately 1h 45min.

Is there a direct bus or minibus between Yerevan and Dilijan?

Yes, there are direct services departing from Yerevan, Northern Bus Station or Yerevan, Hayrenik Tour office and arriving in Dilijan. The journey takes approximately 1h 45min.

Can I travel internationally to Dilijan?

Some border closures are in place due to COVID-19 pandemic. Most travel to Armenia is restricted. For more information visit the Official COVID-19 Site for Armenia.

Things to do in Dilijan

Thanks to the cooler weather Dilijan is a great place to escape the heat of lower Armenia, in summer temperature is usually 10 degrees less than in Yerevan. Forests and pastures around make this town one of the best starting points for hiking and mountain biking in Armenia.

Lush greenery, forests and stunning sceneries is what you will get if you visit this “Little Switzerland”, as the locals call Dilijan and it's region. In the town centre there is a little park with swans, playground and a modern cafe. Few meters away is Sharambeyan street, the oldest steet in the town which gives you a glimpse of the life hundred years ago.

Walking in the nature, hiking, mountain cycling and climbing is at the top of activities you can do in Dilijan National Park. Lake Parz is a perfect place where to go for a day hike following a trail starting in Dilijan town centre. Let yoursefl to make another great memory by doing zipline over the lake.

If you also like history, visit Haghartsin Monastery complex in the village of Haghartsin or Goshavank Monastery. Both are located in the midst of lush mountains, what makes the monasteries amazing tourist sites.

Where to eat and drink

Check out the best Non-smoking Cafes and Restaurants in Dilijan.

Yerevan to Dilijan by bus

There is a good public transport connection between Yerevan and Dilijan. You can take one of the daily minibus services from Yerevan Northern Bus Station. Location of Dilijan Bus Station is next to a roundabout M4/M8 and in a walking distance to the town centre. Bus journey takes a bit more than an hour and a single ticket costs 1000 AMD, a bit less than 2 EUR. Please, have small change ready in order to make cash handling easier.

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