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Timetable from Yerevan to Byurakan

Public transport connection between Yerevan and Byurakan. Check out the departure times in the current Bus, Metro, Minibus, Train, Trolleybus timetable. Departure times from station Yerevan are in the local time. Thank you for riding public transport.

How do I get from Yerevan to Byurakan?

The best way to get from Yerevan to Byurakan without a car is by bus or minibus which takes approximately 1h 10min.

Is there a direct bus or minibus between Yerevan and Byurakan?

Yes, there are direct services departing from Yerevan, Central Railway Station or Yerevan, Central Bus Station (Kilikia) and arriving in Byurakan. The journey takes approximately 1h 10min.

Can I travel internationally to Byurakan?

Some border closures are in place due to COVID-19 pandemic. Most travel to Armenia is restricted. For more information visit the Official COVID-19 Site for Armenia.

The Byurakan Village

The Byurakan village of the Aragatsotn Province in Armenia is the place to be if you are a lover of astronomy. The world-famous Byurakan Observatory is what launched Armenia into being a center for astrophysics decades ago. Whether you want to see your zodiac sign, have beautiful views of the Armenian landscape, or get a glimpse of the clear night sky away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Byurakan Observatory is the place to be.

In addition to that, there is a lot of history you can take in on a trip to Byurakan. Very close to the village is the Amberd Fortress, which is also located on the slopes of Mount Aragats. This 10th-century monument is the best-intact out of all fortresses in Armenia. During its height, this fortress was innovative for not only being a military fortress, but also for having a bathhouse. You can explore all around the fortress and climb to the top for unbelievable views of Armenia and Mount Ararat. Right by the fortress is the Vahramashen Church, built in the 11th century by Prince Vahram Pahlavuni. Visiting the fortress and church will prove to be a stunning adventure.

Besides that, the village also has some less well-known churches, which are perfect sites to see for lovers of history and culture. These include the St. Hovhannes basilica and the Artavazik Church, built between the 7th and 10th centuries.

Yerevan to Byurakan by bus

If you want to take a day trip to Byurakan, you’re in for a great time. Surprisingly, this mountain village is not all that difficult to reach if you’re in the capital. One of the cheapest ways to travel throughout Armenia is by bus. There are buses at the Kilikia Bus Station near central Yerevan that run every day. The journey only takes 1 hour to reach Byurakan and costs 400 AMD (less than 1 EUR), so it’s definitely a great idea to check out all the village has to offer.

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