What to Do in Ashtarak

Ashtarak is a lively city located in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia. Ashtarak is a city of churches. The reddish stone arch bridge over Kasakh river and it's gorge was built in 1664 as part of the old road to Yerevan. The bridge is still in use and it connects Ashtarak city centre with the other part of the city.

The city is particularly known for its many churches. Some of them include Spitakavor, Kamravor, Tsiranavor, St. Marianeh, and St. Sargis. All of these churches have a unique history and were built several centuries ago. They are a must-visit if you choose to visit the town.

House museum of Perch Proshyan, a famous Armenian writer, shows Proshyan's works and way of living. The museum is opened every day except of Mondays.

Yerevan to Ashtarak by public transport

Minibuses for Ashtarak depart from Yerevan Kilikia Bus Station. Minibuses run frequently every day and arrive at the old bus station in Ashtarak within 40 minutes. Buses depart every half-hour from morning until evening. Public transport is the cheapest option how to travel between Yerevan and Ashtarak, the fare is absolutely affordable, only 250 AMD (50 euro cents). Please, have small change ready in order to pay to a driver.