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Leaving fromYerevan
Going toVanadzor
DepartureDnes, 05:15
NastaveniaDirect connections only

Timetable from Yerevan to Vanadzor

Public transport connection between Yerevan and Vanadzor. Check out the departure times in the current Bus, Metro, Minibus, Train, Trolleybus timetable. Departure times from station Yerevan are in the local time. Thank you for riding public transport.

How do I get from Yerevan to Vanadzor?

The best way to get from Yerevan to Vanadzor without a car is by bus, train or minibus which takes approximately 2h 45min.

Is there a direct bus, train or minibus between Yerevan and Vanadzor?

Yes, there are direct services departing from Yerevan, Central Bus Station (Kilikia) or Yerevan, Northern Bus Station or Yerevan, Central Railway Station and arriving in Vanadzor. The journey takes approximately 2h 45min.

What to Do in Vanadzor

Vanadzor, also known as Kirovakan among Armenians, is the third-largest city in Armenia. The city has been facing decreasing of population in recent years. There are plenty of churches to visit, the most popular is the St. Gregory of Narek Cathedral built in 2005. The city is also home to three other main churches: the Church of the Holy Mother of God, the Kamakatar Chapel and the St. Sarkis Church of Vanadzor. Religion is an important part of the lives of Armenians and carries important significance in the culture.

Aside from that, the city is also home to many parks and museums. The most popular is the Museum of Fine Art. You also may choose to spend time near the artificial lake built in the center of the city, which is a popular park for residents to gather and relax. The town is also home to a Russian church that serves the city’s small Russian population. In addition to all of that, Vanadzor has plenty of hotels and spas that you can relax in. Thanks to its cool climate, many Armenians consider it to be a spa town. So make sure you dress warm.

Getting to Vanadzor by public transport

Vanadzor as the third-largest city in Armenia is well-connected to Yerevan by public transport. There are buses and minibuses leaving the Kilikia Bus Station in Yerevan frequently from the morning. The bus will arrive at the Vanadzor Bus Station in approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes from departure. A round trip from Yerevan to Vanadzor will only cost you 1,500 AMD, which is the equivalent of 3 EUR.