Even though smoking is not permitted in buses, many drivers do so. Do not hesitate to notice that smoking is not okay and politely ask the driver to stop smoking. If it doesn't help, you can send your complaints to Armenian Ministry of Transport. We also welcome sharing your travel experience, let us know.

Flexible pick-up and drop-off

There are designated bus stops en route, but commuters also enjoy flexibility provided. Give a sign to a driver of a passing by bus if you want to get on. The same way, while riding a bus, let the driver know just before you want to drop-off.


Marshrutka is a russian name for minibuses similar to the share taxi. Seats are not adjustable and with little legroom, therefore one can experience discomfort during the long journeys.  The most popular marshrutka model is 13 seats GAZelle van.

Russian language

Russian as an international language is number one for the most of Armenians. While young people speak english well, older generations speak Russian. If you want to make your communication with drivers smooth it's good to learn few Russian phrases. This video is a good starting point to learn travel phrases in Russian.

Ear plugs

Sometimes bus drivers believe that passengers share the same taste for the music. If the loud sound is playing you can politely ask driver to turn the volume down. But anyway using heavy-duty ear plugs is the best option. Keep them always with you.